Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 9 Questions Women Have For Men

Men and women are very different. Because of this difference, it can lead women to begin to wonder about men and develop questions about them. From why they do the things they do, to how they process things, to why they act that way. These are questions that are common among all women and apply to men in all cultures and time. Men will always be men. Here are the top questions women have about men.


What are his turn-offs on a date?

Where there can be many things, and can vary from man to man, here are the most common ones that men found to be a turn-off.

The first being if she talked too much. Men would politely bear with it, but on the inside they knew they weren’t going for a second date.

Many men found a date who smokes a turn off. If you’re going to smoke, do it after the third date, when you’ve given him a chance to know you better.

The last pet peeve men found was someone with an attitude. This can come out when she talks and what she talks about. Perhaps she was too negative, or came off as judgemental or snobbish.


How can a woman cheat-proof a relationship?

Check and see if there has been cheating in the past, or in other relationships, this is perhaps the biggest factor to be concerned about. Other than that, don’t neglect spending time together regularly as a couple and don’t neglect each other’s emotional needs.


Why do men try to fix things when I just want them to listen?

It’s just the nature of men. Men feel as if she is asking him for advice when she speaks. They feel that it’s their job as a man to fix problems for the ones they love. On top of which they feel challenged by the concern, and want to defeat any problem that could come their way.

Along with, men don’t relate to expressing themselves and connecting with other people like women do. As a result, most men don’t understand the desire to speak because they want a connection or want to be heard.

Why won’t men stop and ask for directions?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that men can get really competitive, this is due to testosterone. Men feel challenged in getting to their location and when help is offered it only makes them feel incompetent and as if their abilities are being challenged. Getting lost can also make them angry, which will just result in them thinking less and becoming more aggressive in defeating any challenge.


Do you really think about sex as much as those magazines say you do?

For most men, no. But for those who do it’s because the culture that we live in today is bombarded with sexual images, after all sex sells right. It’s on TV, billboards, on the way to work, and other areas we can’t help but see. Along with, because men are sexually stimulated visually, even a co-worker who dresses in a short skirt can be what triggers his sex drive.


If guys don’t really talk with each other when they’re together, how do men value their friendships?

Not all people bond through talking and communication. There are many ways people connect with each other. Being through; spending time with each other, giving gifts, doing things for one another, touching, supporting, and encouraging words spoken. Men will usually bond over just spending time with each other. Even though guys may never talk about anything deep, the memories and time spent together is what makes their friendships meaningful.


Why do men ogle at women?

Most of the time it starts of by seeing their beauty. For a man there’s a lot about the female body that is beautiful. Starting with their feet, to their legs, to their butt, up to their chest, there is a lot to be mesmerized by. Sometimes guys can then be aroused by what they see and then start starring in a sexual manner. At that point that’s why they ogle.


Why are men so uncommunicative?

It’s just their nature. Men will try to solve their emotional or mental problems by themselves. For them, it’s a puzzle that they want to accomplish. They don’t believe in the value of communicating with others, or understand that someone else may have their solution. Only as a last resort will they involve others to try and get their advice.


Why do men hate shopping?

Men are very goal orientated, they don’t enjoy browsing. When they have something they care about, such as cars or sports, they will plot out in their minds their next move, a plan of what they want accomplished. They will then go and purchase their next part, to accomplish that stage of the plan. Browsing at all the other choices is done in their minds before they go out to purchase something.

With women, they enjoy looking at all the options as part of their shopping experience. Browsing is done in reality where colors can be matched, and comparisons can be seen, and not in their minds. Men will just find this frustrating.


These are just some of the questions women have about men. Hopefully these answers have helped you connect and understand men better. Along with which improve your relationships, and help you get along with men better.
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